Well Testing & Diagnostic Services

This division caters to the optimization requirements of the upstream production capability of AL MANHAL clients in the region. We own state-of-the-art equipment for surface production well testing, well weighing and diagnostic services, which are operated by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Well Testing Services

For Surface Production testing operations, AL MANHAL utilizes Portable Three Phase Separator Units, Two Phase Separator Units and Multiphase metering Units, rated up to 10,000 psi of service and 15,000 BPD production. These units can be moved to different well locations and hooked up to the wellhead to test the production from these wells so that the existing flow conditions at the wellhead and flow line are simulated in the separator to ensure that no flow process variables are affected while flowing through the separator. The production tests include comprehensive Gas Oil Ratio tests and also Initial Production tests, which contribute to well production optimization. Each of these units is equipped with the latest instrumentation controls and safety systems.

Diagnostic Services

AL MANHAL offers well weighing analysis and diagnostic services like Dynamometer and Fluid Level Analysis. We utilize sophisticated equipment and software with technology procured from Lufkin Automation, USA. These services are critical to the analysis of sucker rod pump operated wells to facilitate troubleshooting and production optimization. Diagnostic analysis helps reservoir engineers to monitor the production capacity from any reservoir by keeping a track of the fluid level in the casing bore. It indicates optimum production level from a well without pumping it down. In addition it also provides information on the condition of the down hole equipment and surface equipment with regard to loading of the equipment, optimum operating conditions, etc. These analyses are vital for the engineers in optimizing the production from their wells.

Industrial Process Piping

With a workshop area of approx. 52500 m2, AL MANHAL's fabrication & welding division deals with structural steel, miscellaneous metal, plate work fabrication for industrial, institutional and commercial projects. We work hand in hand with your project team to contribute to the winning environment that you strive to create on your project.

Today AL MANHAL offers a variety of custom made products to its industrial clients such as but not limited to the following:
• Carbon/ Stainless Steel Storage Tanks
• Skids
• Platforms
• Pipe racks
• Walkways
• Silos
• Handrails
• Hoppers
• Equipment Trailers
• And many more, as per your requirements.

We have a fully equipped fabrication facility complete with modern equipment, Qualified Welders, Pipe Fitters/ fabricators, structure steel fabrication equipment, and 24 shift capacities. We do both carbon steel & stainless steel fabrication, with full QA traceability, as required.

Fuel System Design, Installation, Testing & Training.

We undertake Bulk Fuel Storage Tank, Day Tank, Fuel Automation & Management system design, installation & training as per API standards.

Lubricants Distributer

RS CLARE - The leader in Gate valve lubricants.

Distributer for RS Clare special made lubricants can offer a full service from product concept design to manufacture. RS Clare manufactures a full range of standard and high performance greases for specialist applications.

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