In 1996, after working for government agencies and private companies, Mr. Mohamed Khamis Albadi started his business by manufacturing automotive body fabrication/ equipment. It was all started in a small workshop in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 80's were tough days for UAE’s economy; imported products were highly preferred over locally manufactured. It used take months to bring industrial products from Europe, and United States. Late 80's and 90's brought more hope for many sectors in UAE. Manufacturing was increasing, and day-by-day export products were leaving their places. This is the idea that strengthens Al Badi, making the unavailable products that were needed and demanded by UAE market. One thing leaded another, and at the end AL MANHAL became the most preferred service provider in producing mobile/ storage tanks, heavy steel fabrication & control systems.

Of course, this is not the end, last 10 years AL MANHAL evolved its businesses in different fields, such as oil, gas and chemical process equipment such as pressure vessels, skids, tanks, heat exchangers, flow metering skids and well testing equipment. Moreover, AL MANHAL in on its plant modernization drive.

Our history clearly shows that AL MANHALwas founded by inventive technical people and superior leadership. The same values power the new AL MANHAL team, and learned the importance of serving for YOU.

We will keep building, and manufacturing for you…


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